11 Egg-citing Easter Traditions for Families with Kids

11 Egg-citing Easter Traditions for Families with Kids

Easter is a time to celebrate with family and carry on traditions that have been passed down for generations. But why not start some new and unique traditions that your family can enjoy each year?

Here are 11 fun and creative Easter traditions for families with kids. Let's get cracking!


Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Gather your family and friends and host an Easter egg decorating contest. Set up a station with hard-boiled eggs, dyes, stickers, and other decorations, and let everyone create their own unique egg designs. Award prizes for the most creative, the most colorful, and the funniest eggs.


Egg Blowing

Egg blowing is a super cool Easter tradition we used to do when we were kids. Y Take a needle and poke a hole into the top and the bottom of the egg, making the bottom hole slightly bigger than the top one. Hold the egg over your bowl, bottom facing down, blow gently into the smaller hole and the egg will slide out through the larger hole. Then, rinse it out and decorate it however you like - paint it, glue stuff on it, go nuts! Egg blowing is a fun activity the whole fam can do together, and it'll make your Easter decorations extra special.


Easter Egg Tree Tradition

Similar to a Christmas tree, set up an Easter Egg tree decorated with handmade Easter egg ornaments, bunnies, and springtime decorations. It’s a beautiful way to brighten your home and celebrate the season. Just like our 'My Friends and I' book, the Easter Tree (Ostereierbaum) is a German tradition that is fun for young and old. 


Easter Piñata

Fill an Easter-themed piñata with candy and small toys, and let your children take turns trying to break it open. This is a great way to add some excitement to your Easter celebration.


Easter Movie Night

Host an Easter-themed movie night with your family. Watch classic Easter movies like Hop, Peter Rabbit, or It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown while snacking on popcorn and Easter candy.


Easter Fun Stations

Set up stations with different activities that need to be completed within a specific timeframe. For each completed task, participants earn points or need to write down their answer(s). For one of the stations, come up with 10 questions that the participants can answer with the help of your My Friends and I book. The team that scores the most points and gets the most answers right wins.


Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

Hide glow-in-the-dark eggs throughout your backyard or house and let your children search for them with flashlights. This is a fun and unique twist on a classic Easter tradition.


Easter Scavenger Hunt

Create an Easter scavenger hunt by hiding clues that lead to a final prize, such as an Easter basket or a special toy (…or a My Friends and I book!). This is a fun and engaging activity that will keep kids entertained for hours.


Easter Egg Roll

Host an Easter egg roll, where kids can race their hard-boiled eggs down a hill or track. This is a fun and active way to celebrate Easter.


Easter Bonnet Parade

Host an Easter bonnet parade with your family and friends. Have everyone create their own Easter bonnet using hats, ribbons, flowers, and other decorations. Parade around the neighborhood showing off your unique creations.


Easter Photo Booth

Set up an Easter photo booth with Easter props like bunny ears, egg-shaped glasses, and flower crowns. Take photos with your family and friends to remember the special occasion.

💡 Tip: Those pics are perfect to stick in your My Friends and I book!


Enjoy your Easter!


Want to keep the magic of the Easter Bunny alive?

Nestle the 'My Friends and I' book amidst the Easter goodies in your child's basket. Opt for a version “signed by the Easter Bunny” ahead of time (wink-wink), or make a fun activity out of having it signed during an Easter celebration. Which child wouldn't want to find out what the Easter Bunny's favorite movie is or what the little hopper wanted to be when it was just a little bunny? The book is available here and on Amazon.

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