My Friends and I...write a book

Kids, round up your family, friends, classmates, teachers, and anyone special in your life and create a fun book where each person adds their personal touch!

Embark on an epic adventure with "
My Friends and I". Dive into a world of fun and memories as this unique interactive memory book for kids aged 5-12 takes a journey from friend to friend and back to you.

Discover your friends' and friends-to-be's favorite foods, hobbies, dreams, and so much more, all while creating a keepsake filled with photos and shared moments.

Kick things off by answering questions on the initial two pages. Then, it's time to share the fun — pass the book to family, friends, classmates, coaches, teachers, or anyone special in your life. After your friends finish their pages, the book circles back to you.

Your 'My Friends and I' book is a great way to:

💛 Learn more about your friends

💛 Make new friends

💛 Remember your friends forever

Start writing your book now!
  • My daughter loves her book

    As soon as our 8-year old daughter got her "My Friends and I" book, she immediately filled it out and started giving it to her friends. She loves reading her friends' answers and comparing them with her own.

    – Katie S.

  • What a great idea

    I remember when my son had an assignment in kindergarten, where he had to answer similar questions to the ones in the book. This is such great idea and a super cute keepsake. We're going to use this as a "yearbook" for my son's Elementary school years. It's going to be fun to read through his books in the future and see how his answers change.

    – Suzy Q.

  • We're already on our 2nd book

    My daughter is on a roll! After she gave her book to my husband and I, her siblings, all her cousins, aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa, it made the rounds in the neighborhood, she brought it to swim practice, she had her closest friends sign it, and now the book is full! She asked for another one that she can bring to summer camp and to school after summer break.

    – Annabelle F.

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