Fun Freebies

And the fun continues!

Here are some great tips, ideas, and freebies to go along with your book:


How well do you know your friends?

Find out how well you know your friends in three easy steps!

Ask your friends to fill out your ‘My Friends Book’.

Download the “How Well Do You Know Your Friends” printable for every friend and guess their answers. Is their favorite color red? Do they love pizza? Do they dance to JoJo Siwa or Justin Bieber?

Compare their answers with your guessed answers and see how many answers you got right!

Download the How Well Do You Know Your Friends Template.


Who Has Your ‘My Friends and I’ Book Right Now?

Your ‘My Friends and I’ book has room for 39 friends, family members, teachers, mentors, coaches, teammates, or whoever is part of your life.

Print out the “Who Has Your ‘My Friends and I’ Book Right Now” printable below and add the names of all the friends you’d like to be part of your book, to make sure you don’t forget anybody!

There are check boxes to the left and right of the names. Check the left box when this friend has already filled out and returned the book to you.

Check the check box to the right of the friend, who currently has your book, so you always know where your book is. Use a pencil so that you can erase the check mark when your friend returns the book.

Download the Who Has Your ‘My Friends and I’ Book Right Now Template.


Give it a try!

Did your friends’ answers inspire you? Did you see something you’d like to give a try? Make a list of new things to try! Download the “Try Something New” template and start going through your ‘My Friends and I’ book!

Download the Try Something New Template.


Who’s Your Best Match?

Find out which friend has the most things in common with you!

Download our ”Who Is Your Best Match” printable, go through your ‘My Friends and I’ book and give each friend 1 point for each of their favorites, that matches your favorites! Add up the total number of points for each friend. The friend with the most points is your ‘Best Match’!

Download the Who Is Your Best Match Template.


Owl Coloring Pages

Do you love owls? Download our cute owl coloring pages. 

Download our Three Owls On A Tree coloring page.

Download the Happy Birthday Owl coloring page

Download the U & Me Owls coloring page

Download the Happy Owl Family coloring page

Download the For You Owl coloring page

Download the Merry Christmas Owls coloring page

Download the Mother's Day coloring page.

Download the Father's Day coloring page.


Bookmarks for your My Friends and I book

Download and print out our bookmarks, and place it in your My Friends and I book to mark the pages that you've reserved for your friend. 

Download the blue Thank you for being my friend bookmark.

Download the pink Thank you for being my friend bookmark.

Make sure to select "Print on both sides": "Flip on Long Edge" when printing.


Valentine's Cards, Thank You Cards, Compliment Cards

Download these owlsome 🦉 cards and send them to your owlmazing friends!

Download the You're hootiful! card.

Download the You're so cowl! card.

Download the You're cool! card.

Download the You're owlmazing! card.

Download the You're owlsome! card.

Download the You're a hoot! card.

Download the Owl always be your friend card. 

Download the U & Me card.

 Download the For You card.


Birthday Party Invite

Download and print out this cute birthday party invitation. Scale the PDF to your desired invitation size.

Download the Owl Birthday Party Invite.


First Day of School Sign

Download the First Day of School Sign.


Lunchbox Notes & Owl Jokes

We recommend to print them in photo size 2 x 3 in. (Wallet) or 3.5 x 5 in.

Download What’s an owl’s favorite drink?.

Download What was the three owl musketeers motto?.

Download What is an owl’s favorite subject at school?.

Download Why did the Owl invite his friends over?.

Download What do you call an owl dressed in armor?.

Download What’s a baby owl’s favorite game?.

Download What do you call an owl with a low voice?.

Download What did mother Owl say to her baby to calm it down?.

Download What did the owl say when he was a guest on wheel of fortune?

Download What kind of owl loves to clean up everybody's mess?.

Download What do you get if you cross a cat and an owl?

Download Where do owls go to buy clothes?

Download What do owls say when they meet someone?


What do your kids wish for Christmas?

Don't know what your children wish for Christmas 🎄 and also want them to think about others during the Holidays? Print out our Christmas Wish List and see what they have to say!
Download the Christmas Wish List.
PS: Our My Friends and I book is a great Christmas present, especially if it's signed by Santa!

Gift Tags

Add some cute owl gift tags to your presents.
Download the Owl Gift Tags.
Download the Christmas Gift Tags.