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Life Is Better With Friends

'My Friends and I' Memory Book

'My Friends and I' Memory Book

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Embark on an epic adventure with "My Friends and I": Dive into a world of fun and memories as this unique interactive memory book for kids aged 5-12 takes a journey from friend to friend and back to you.

Discover your friends' and friends-to-be's favorite foods, hobbies, dreams, and so much more, all while creating a keepsake filled with photos and shared moments.

Kick things off by answering questions on the initial two pages. Then, it's time to share the fun — pass the book to family, friends, classmates, coaches, teachers, or anyone special in your life. After your friends finish their pages, the book circles back to you, ready to be passed on to the next person.

With the 'My Friends and I' friendship book, you can:

  • Find out more about your friends
  • Get to know your peers and build new friendships
  • Cherish your friends, keeping those memories alive forever

The My Friends and I Book: One Book for Countless Occasions

  • A fantastic kid’s birthday or Christmas present
  • A sweet surprise for the First Day of School
  • A wonderful way to break the ice and to help children make new friends at school, at camp, at extracurricular activities, etc.
  • A fun way for teachers and classmates to get to know each other
  • A cute yearbook to remember schoolfriends and teachers who made the school year special
  • A unique end-of-year gift for teachers
  • A great way to support children with special needs and exceptionalities in getting to know others in their environment
  • A warm welcome gift for a new family member, such as a foster child or adopted child
  • A thoughtful farewell gift for friends who are moving
  • A special gift for a military child living overseas
  • A beautiful get-well-gift to brighten a friend's day who's experiencing a difficult time
  • A perfect travel companion to record memories of newly-made friends during a vacation or at summer camp
  • An adorable baby shower gift and baby’s first family album
  • A simple way to tell a friend you're thinking of them


      Book details:

      • Title: My Friends and I
      • Ages: 5-12 years
      • Grade level: K-5
      • 80 pages to fill out by the young book owner + 39 friends
      • Picture box for photos or drawings
      • Hardcover for durability
      • Size: 6 x 9 inches
      • ISBN number: 979-8-9851205-0-9

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