20 Fun Items to Bring to Overnight Summer Camp

20 Fun Items to Bring to Overnight Summer Camp

Overnight summer camp is a time for adventure, learning, fun, and making memories that will last a lifetime. While packing the necessities is essential, bringing along a few fun extras can make the experience even more exciting.

Here are 20 fun things to consider packing for your child's summer camp adventure*: 

  1. Outdoor games: Frisbees, footballs, or other outdoor games to play around with friends during free time.
  2. Yo-yo: Learn new tricks and have fun with a classic toy.
  3. Binoculars: Explore your surroundings and spot wildlife with a pair of binoculars.
  4. Compass: Don’t get lost, bring a compass!
  5. My Friends and I book: Make every moment of summer camp unforgettable! Capture those fun memories and remember the friends you make at camp forever. Bring your "My Friends and I" friendship book, a magical ticket to bonding and memory-making. As you pass the book among your new friends, each page becomes a cherished snapshot of laughter, friendship, and unforgettable moments, that you'll revisit over and over, reliving the joy of summer camp. The book is available here and on Amazon.
  6. Camera: Snap fun pictures of yourself and your friends at camp! They’re perfect to add to your new friends’ pages in your My Friends and I book.
  7. Address book: Don’t forget to bring an address book and get all your new friends’ addresses!
  8. Friendship bracelets: Pack some string and beads to make friendship bracelets for all your new friends. A friendship bracelet also makes a great bookmark to mark the pages in your My Friends and I book that are reserved for your friends.
  9. Journal: Reflect on your camp experience with a journal or diary.
  10. Pens and pencils: Remember to bring some pens and pencils, you’ll need them for your My Friends and I book, your address book, and your journal!
  11. Stickers: Decorate notebooks, water bottles, or anything else with fun stickers.
  12. Headlamp or flashlight: Illuminate your path and surroundings with a headlamp or flashlight!
  13. Glow sticks: Add some fun to nighttime activities with glow sticks.
  14. Glow-in-the-dark paint: Add some extra fun to your nighttime activities with glow-in-the-dark paint.
  15. Telescope: Reach for the stars – if you're in a remote area with minimal light pollution, a telescope can be a great way to stargaze.
  16. Board games or card games: From Go Fish to trivia games, board and card games can provide hours of entertainment with your new friends.
  17. Books: From mystery to fantasy, bring along a few books for some quiet downtime.
  18. Puzzle books: Keep the mind sharp during downtime with crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other puzzle books.
  19. Musical instrument: Got a small musical instrument like a ukulele, harmonica, or flute? Bring it with you! It’ll make those campfire nights even cozier!
  20. Portable speaker: Play music and have a dance party with a portable speaker. 


Whatever items your bring, may your child’s summer camp experience be filled with joyful moments and lasting memories!


*Before packing, confirm with your camp provider which items your child can bring.

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