How the German Freundebuch aka Friendship Book Became Every Kid's Favorite Treasure

How the German Freundebuch aka Friendship Book Became Every Kid's Favorite Treasure

In the wonderful world of childhood memories, there are many treasures that bring back all those warm fuzzies and create those special heart-to-heart connections. One such cherished German tradition is the "Freundebuch" or "Friendship Book."

This fun keepsake has captivated the hearts of children for generations, providing them with a unique platform to foster friendships and preserve precious memories.

Explore the fascinating world of the German Freundebuch, unravel its workings, and discover how children can utilize it to forge lasting bonds. 


The Essence of the "Freundebuch"

At its core, a Freundebuch is a personalized notebook that enables children to collect and exchange information about their friends.

Its purpose is to create a tangible record of friendships, acting as a memento of shared experiences and fostering a sense of belonging.

Friendship Books often feature colorful designs, whimsical illustrations, and prompts that invite children to share personal details.


Getting Started

A Friendship Book usually begins with an introductory page containing the owner's name, a space for a photo, and perhaps a small paragraph or drawing that reflects their personality. The book then sets off on a journey, passing through the hands of friends, who each contribute their own unique entries.


The Pages of Friendship

Each friend who receives the Freundebuch is encouraged to fill out a designated page with their details and personal touches. Typical sections include: 

  • Name and Date: The friend's name and the date they wrote the entry.
  • Personal Information: This section typically includes basic details such as age, address, and school. 
  • Questions and Answers: These interactive prompts encourage self-expression and spark conversation. Friends may answer questions like "What is your favorite animal?" or "What superpower would you like to have?" or “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. This allows children to learn more about each other and discover shared interests.


Here's a glimpse into our very own "Freundebuch" from the 1980s when we were kids.

Inside a German Freundebuch

Photos, Drawings and Doodles

A picture box allows for some creativity within the Freundebuch's pages. Friends often add a photo of themselves or colorful illustrations, doodles, or even small sketches to make their entry visually appealing and unique.


Messages and Wishes

Some Freundebücher provide a space that allows friends to leave heartfelt messages, well wishes, or even inside jokes.


The Art of Sharing

Friendship Book are often shared at school, during special occasions or leisurely moments, such as birthday parties, playdates, or sleepovers. Children eagerly pass around their books, collecting entries from their friends and creating a strong sense of community. It becomes an exciting social activity, fostering connections, and building bonds.


Preserving Memories

As the Freundebuch fills with entries, it transforms into a cherished keepsake. Children can look back on the pages and reminisce about their friendships, reliving shared memories and the joyous moments they've experienced together. Some even continue to cherish their Friendship Book well into adulthood, providing a glimpse into their past and the lasting impact of childhood friendships.


This tradition has captured the hearts of youngsters and keeps reminding us of the joy in holding onto memories and building amazing relationships. It's all about celebrating the beauty of friendship and making memories that'll last a lifetime.


Bringing the Fun and Nostalgia of the Freundebuch Tradition to the United States

Although the Freundebuch has enjoyed immense popularity among children in Germany, ranging from Kindergarten to 4th grade, this fun tradition and the concept behind it remains relatively unknown in the United States.

To introduce this fun book and provide American children with a more traditional, screen-free, nostalgic experience, we published "My Friends and I," an English adaptation of the friendship book.

Watch our book trailer on the bottom of our Homepage.

My Friends and I friendship book

 My Friends and I friendship book - This book belongs to

 My Friends and I friendship book - Completed and signed

So, let's spread the Freundebuch spirit! Get your copy of the "My Friends and I" Friendship Book here  (free shipping) or on Amazon (free Prime shipping).

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