Keeping Santa's Magic Alive: 15 Ways to Help Kids Believe in Santa

Keeping Santa's Magic Alive: 15 Ways to Help Kids Believe in Santa

Ho, ho, ho! It's that time of the year again! The twinkling lights, the scent of freshly baked cookies, and the anticipation of Santa's arrival – the holiday season is a magical time for kids! As parents and grandparents, one of the greatest joys is watching our little ones' eyes light up with wonder and excitement.

But how can we keep Santa’s magic alive, even as our little ones grow older? Don’t you worry, just grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on your Santa hat, and let's sleigh this together!


Santa-themed Movie Nights

Host festive movie nights that star none other than the man in the red suit himself! Gather the family and enjoy classic Santa-themed films like "The Polar Express" and "Miracle on 34th Street." These heartwarming stories will rekindle the magic of Santa and his timeless message.


Read Santa Stories

Gather 'round and share enchanting holiday-themed books and stories starring the jolly old man himself, like the timeless classic "The Night Before Christmas." You can cozy up by the fire, sip some hot cocoa, and let the magic of these tales transport you to the North Pole, where Santa's busy preparing for the most wonderful night of the year.


Letters to Santa

Get your kids all excited about writing the most heartfelt letters to Santa! It's not just about making their holiday wishes known; it's all about keeping the magic alive. Have them leave those special letters right by the fireplace, and when they magically vanish, let them in on the North Pole secret – Santa's already on the way!

💡 Looking for a wish list template? Head over to our Freebies page and download our complimentary Christmas Wish List.


Elf on the Shelf

An Elf on the Shelf is the magical guardian of Santa's secrets! This mischievous little helper can be placed all around your home in playful and fun positions. Your kids will have a blast in the daily adventure of discovering its new hiding spots. Plus, the elf's nightly report to Santa acts as a fantastic incentive for them to be on their best behavior!

💡 Let your Elf on the Shelf add their special touch to your child's 'My Friends and I' book with their answers to all the questions and their signature. You can even let them take it on one of their nightly magical trips back to the North Pole, where other busy elves, each with their unique roles, can join in on the signing fun. The more, the merrier!

Elf on the Shelf signing the My Friends and I book

Enlist the Help of Trusted Sources

Encourage family members and close friends to support the belief in Santa. Sharing stories, photos, and even anecdotes from their own childhood can help keep the magic alive.

💡 Years from now, when your kids have children of their own, they can show them their My Friends and I book signed by Santa as evidence that Santa is real.


Bake Cookies for Santa

Baking cookies for Santa adds a sprinkle of magic to the holiday season. It's a fun way for kids to join in on the holiday excitement and show Santa some love and say "Thank you" for all his hard work traveling from the North Pole and delivering presents.


Santa Workshop and Santa’s Helpers

Let your kids play Santa's helpers! Set up a Santa's workshop at home with wrapping paper, bows, and little toys. They can create and wrap gifts for family and friends or donate them to a charitable organization or Santa’s Toy Drive for children in need, fostering the spirit of giving. Alternately, attend a Santa’s workshop in town where your kids can participate in crafts and interact with Santa's helpers.

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Santa Pictures

Whether it's at a mall, a holiday event, or even virtually, visiting Santa is a tradition that keeps the magic alive. Encourage your kids to sit on Santa's lap, share their wishes, and capture the moment with a photo. It's a memory they'll cherish for years to come.

💡 Bring your child’s My Friends and I memory book and have them ask Santa to sign it. They will learn so much about Santa and have solid Santa-proof in their own book!

Santa signing the My Friends and I book

Santa's Special Wrapping Paper

Use different wrapping paper for gifts from Santa. Let your little ones know that Santa's presents come in unique, magical paper that only he has access to. It adds a touch of mystery and keeps the spirit alive.


Santa Tracker

With technology at our fingertips, tracking Santa's journey on Christmas Eve has never been easier. Have your kids follow Santa's sleigh on websites and apps like NORAD's Santa Tracker or Google’s Santa Tracker. The excitement of knowing he's on his way and getting closer is a surefire way to build anticipation.


Milk and Cookies for Santa, Carrots for the Reindeer

Leaving out milk and cookies for Santa, plus a handful of crunchy carrots for his reindeer, is like a holiday party in our living room! Santa gets his sweet tooth satisfied, and those carrots give the reindeer the zoom they need to keep soaring through the night. It's all about spreading the Christmas magic and creating awesome memories.

No Chimney? No Problem! If your home doesn't have a chimney, don't fret! Explain that Santa uses magic keys to enter houses without fireplaces. Place a special key near the front door as a symbol of Santa's access to your home. 

 Ask Santa to sign your child's My Friends and I book

‘My Friends and I’ Book Signed by Santa

What if your little one could discover more about Santa and his life at the North Pole? After all, which kid hasn't been curious about Santa's favorite snacks, the tunes that keep him company on his skyward journey, the games he and Mrs. Claus share at their cozy kitchen table, and so much more? All you need to do is have your child place their My Friends and I book next to the milk, cookies, and carrots, and add a sweet note asking Santa to reveal these mysteries by signing and answering the questions in their book. If that doesn't prove that Santa is real, what does?

💡 Make sure to use different handwriting or ask someone else to sign the book on Santa's behalf! Kids will catch on to these simple mistakes. 


Personalized Letters from Santa

Have Santa leave handwritten notes for your children. This can be a thank-you note for the milk and cookies or an acknowledgment of their letters or their behavior and accomplishments. The handwritten touch adds a personal connection that's pure magic. Again, don’t forget to use different handwriting!

💡 Make Santa's note double as a bookmark to mark the pages in your child's My Friends and I book, which Santa has personally filled out and signed.


Santa Proof

One of the most exciting parts of Christmas for kids is finding evidence of Santa's visit. Get creative and leave behind some magical "clues" that Santa was there! A snowy footprint near the fireplace with a little flour or powdered sugar, half-eaten cookies, or a tiny thank-you note can work wonders in fueling their belief.


Santa on Video

For an extra dose of magic and fun, why not go all-in on the holiday spirit? Dress up as Santa on Christmas Eve, grab your camera, and film yourself strolling through your home. Show Santa enjoying the milk and cookies, pulling gifts out of the sack, and sneaking them under the twinkling tree.


The secret to ensuring your kids believe in Santa is to nurture their sense of wonder and imagination. Transform the holiday season into a time of togetherness, where the enchanting magic of Santa is an integral part of the grand celebration. In this way, you'll keep the belief in Santa alive and well, reminding everyone that, indeed, "Santa is real."

So, keep the jingle in your step, the twinkle in your eye, and the enchantment in your heart. Your kids will feel the magic and pass it on to generations to come. After all, believing in Santa isn't just for kids – it's for the young at heart too! 


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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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