Kids Friendsgiving: Little Chefs and Lots of Laughs!

Kids Friendsgiving: Little Chefs and Lots of Laughs!

Friendsgiving isn't just for adults – it's the ultimate celebration for kids too!

Picture it: mini chefs donning aprons, laughter that could power a small city, and a table full of kiddo-approved dishes. It's like Thanksgiving, but with all the youthful zest. So, let's dive into the delightful world of Friendsgiving with the little ones!


What's Kids Friendsgiving All About?

Kids Friendsgiving is exactly what it sounds like – Friendsgiving, but with a kid-friendly twist. It's a day when children come together with their buddies to express gratitude, share the joy of friendship, and create scrumptious memories.


Why Celebrate Kids Friendsgiving?

Why not, indeed! Kids Friendsgiving has all the charm and purpose of the grown-up version, tailored for the younger crowd. Here's why it's such a hit:


  1. Friendship Fizz: Kids Friendsgiving is all about celebrating the awesome friendships kids have. It's like a love letter to pals who bring joy to their lives.


  1. Fun Without the Formality: There's no need for fancy dress or etiquette at this shindig. It's about kids being kids, having fun, and savoring delicious food, without the grown-up fuss.


  1. Taste Bud Adventures: The food is where the magic happens. Kids get to explore, taste, and create dishes that cater to their taste buds, making it a day of culinary adventure.


Top Tips for Hosting an Epic Kids Friendsgiving

If you're thinking about throwing a Kids Friendsgiving, here are some tips to make it a roaring success:


  1. Set the Date: Coordinate with parents and pick a date that works for everyone. Flexibility is key, especially when kids' schedules are involved.


  1. Kid-Friendly Potluck: Encourage kids to bring dishes they love, whether it's mac 'n' cheese, mini burgers, or pizza. It's their time to shine as junior chefs!


  1. Crafty Decorations: Let kids get creative with decorations. Think colorful turkeys, handmade placemats, and all the glitter their little hearts desire.


  1. Activities Galore: Plan some fun activities like a thankful craft project or a "turkey trot" race in the backyard. Keep those little hands and feet busy!


  1. Snacks and Sweets: Stock up on kid-approved snacks and desserts, because what's a celebration without cookies and juice boxes?


  1. Safety First: If there are food allergies or dietary restrictions, be sure to check with parents to ensure every kiddo has something tasty to enjoy.


  1. Capture the Cute Moments: Designate someone to be the official photographer to capture all the sweet and silly moments. Parents will be grateful for the adorable snapshots!

 💡 Use our My Friends and I book as your Kids Friendsgiving Guest Book! Ask all your little guests to complete and sign your child's My Friends and I book. In the book they will answer questions about themselves, their favorites and their interests (including their favorite food, which might spark some tasty ideas for a dish at your next Kids Friendsgiving!).

Then include one of the fantastic snapshots captured by your dedicated photographer during this friend-tastic event.

Your party will literally be one for the books, and your child will have an unforgettable Friendsgiving Day!

Use our My Friends and I book as your Kids Friendsgiving Guest Book!


So, get ready for a Kids Friendsgiving that's bound to be a joyful explosion of youthful enthusiasm, laughter, and scrumptious kid-approved dishes. It's a day where the little ones reign supreme, showing us all how to have a blast without the grown-up worries.

Cheers to Friendsgiving with kids, where fun is the name of the game!



Photo by Ivan Samkov

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