Kindness is Cool: 8 Ways Kids Can Show Kindness to Their Peers

Kindness is Cool: 8 Ways Kids Can Show Kindness to Their Peers

Showing kindness towards other kids is a wonderful way for children to build social skills, make friends, and create a positive environment. Here are some ways that kids can show kindness towards other kids: 

  1. Including others: Kids can show kindness by including other kids in their games and activities. This can help children who may feel left out or lonely to feel valued and included and create a sense of belonging and connection.

  2. Sharing: Kids can show kindness by sharing their toys or other items with their peers. This can help build friendships and foster a sense of community among children. 💡

  3. Saying kind words: Kids can show kindness by saying kind and encouraging words to their peers, such as compliments, encouragement, and positive feedback, which can help to build confidence and self-esteem. This can be as simple as saying "good job" or "I like your shirt".

  4. Offering a nice gesture: Actions are often more powerful than words. A hug, a thumbs-up, a high-five or a fist-bump, clapping your hands or a standing ovation, are all beautiful gestures to show respect, appreciation, empathy, acknowledgement, and gratitude. 💡

  5. Offering to help: Kids can offer to help their peers in a variety of ways, such as helping with homework, carrying a heavy backpack, or sharing school supplies. This can make a big difference for kids who may be struggling or feeling overwhelmed.

  6. Standing up to bullies: Kids can show kindness by standing up for their peers who are being bullied. This can involve intervening in the moment, telling a trusted adult, or simply offering words of support. 💡

  7. Listening: Kids can show kindness by showing empathy and simply listening to their peers when they need to talk. This can help children feel heard and understood and can provide a safe space for them to share their thoughts and feelings.

  8. Being a friend: Kids can show kindness by reaching out to new students or kids who may not have many friends. This can help them feel welcome and valued and can make the transition to a new school or environment much easier. 💡

                Kindness is cool. Kindness is happiness. For both, the giver and the receiver. Be kind today and every day, for life is better with kindness.


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