From Besties to Ghosting: 25 Teen Slang Terms Redefining Friendship

From Besties to Ghosting: 25 Teen Slang Terms Redefining Friendship

Can't keep up with your teenager's quickly changing teen speak? Over the last 10 years, teen lingo has morphed faster than a chameleon, keeping pace with the latest in pop culture, tech advancements, and the way we see the world.

Dive into this list of 25 uber-cool teen slang words all about pals and friendships. But remember, the shelf life of slang is as unpredictable as the next viral meme, so what's in today might be out tomorrow, depending on where you hang out or the era you're in. 

  1. BFF - Best Friends Forever.
  2. Squad - A close group of friends.
  3. Fam - Friends who are like family.
  4. Bruh - A close friend, similar to "bro."
  5. Bestie - Best friend.
  6. Ghosting - Suddenly cutting off all communication without explanation.
  7. Ride or Die - A very loyal friend.
  8. Homie - A close friend.
  9. Salty - Being upset or bitter, sometimes at friends.
  10. Lowkey - Understated, or wanting to keep something quiet among friends.
  11. Highkey - The opposite of lowkey; openly.
  12. Slay - Doing something really well, often celebrated among friends.
  13. Savage - Someone who is brutally honest, or does something impressive.
  14. Lit - Amazing or exciting, often used for parties or gatherings with friends.
  15. Thirsty - Desperately seeking attention or approval, sometimes from or within a group of friends.
  16. Flex - To show off, especially something one is proud of.
  17. No Cap - "No lie" or "seriously," when sharing something truthful with friends.
  18. On Fleek - Perfectly executed or styled, often used to compliment a friend.
  19. Stan - An obsessive fan, but can also mean supporting a friend enthusiastically.
  20. Snatched - Looks good, perfect, or stylish; can be used to compliment a friend's appearance.
  21. Tea - Gossip or juicy information shared among friends.
  22. Woke - Being aware, often of social issues, and discussed among friends.
  23. Glow Up - An incredible transformation, usually in appearance, celebrated among friends.
  24. Clap Back - A witty comeback, often used when friends defend each other.
  25. Cancel - To reject or boycott someone or something, sometimes applied to friendships that are deemed toxic.

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