16 Reasons to Get a 'My Friends and I' Book

16 Reasons to Get a 'My Friends and I' Book

Learn more about your friends, make new friends, remember your friends forever - with the My Friends and I book.

The My Friends and I book isn't just a book – it's a magical treasure chest of memories and connections that fits into every part of life.

The unique, exciting, and everlasting memory book is designed for kids from preschool to 5th grade. It takes a journey from one friend to another, where they get to share their thoughts on everything from their favorite foods to their dream career. With a picture box, they can add a snapshot of themselves or draw a creative masterpiece of their own. It's a blast, and a keepsake that'll make your child smile!

Here are 16 great reasons to grab or give a My Friends and I book.


Build and Cherish Friendships

Friendship is a crucial part of a child's journey, offering them emotional support, social skills, and a feeling of belonging. The My Friends and I book is a fantastic tool for kids to kickstart conversations, get to know their fellow adventurers, and create new friendships. Whether they're at school, a new neighborhood, camp, church, sports events, music lessons, art class, or any other group activity, the "My Friends and I" book can be their best friend in connecting with others.

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Birthday Present

Searching for an exciting birthday gift for your child or their friend? Your quest ends here! Consider gifting the birthday child a "My Friends and I" book. You can either be the pioneer to sign it or allow the birthday child to choose who goes first!


Birthday Party Guest Book and Party Favor

Preparing a kids' birthday bash at your place and searching for fun ways to keep the little ones entertained and happy? Invite all the partygoers to sign your child's "My Friends and I" book! Looking for a great party favor idea? How about giving each guest their very own "My Friends and I" book and encouraging them to fill out each other's books for an extra dose of fun!

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Christmas Present and Stocking Stuffer

The My Friends and I book cute Christmas gift for children aged 5-12 and fits in every standard size stocking. It is also a great way to keep Santa’s magic alive: Santa can drop off the signed book when he slides down the chimney or he can sign the book the kids have left out for him, right alongside the milk and cookies. Alternatively, kids can ask Santa to sign their book when they take their Santa pictures. And, it also looks great all wrapped up under the Christmas tree.

Keep Santa’s magic alive, ask Santa to sign your My Friends and I book

First Day of School Present

Is your child heading off to school? Whether they're entering Preschool, Elementary School, or Middle School, your kids will enjoy taking their "My Friends and I" book to school and inviting their friends, classmates, and teachers to respond to the book's questions. It's a wonderful way to break the ice and foster connections with everyone in their class!

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Back-to-School Gift for Teachers

The My Friends and I book is a great tool for teachers to use at the start of a new school year. The book enables teachers and students to get to know each other, to engage with one another, and allows students to find classmates who share similar interests and to establish friendships. Our free teacher resources provide teachers with additional ideas and tools to incorporate the book into their teaching practice.

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Personalized Yearbook

Students see their classmates and teachers every day, yet there are plenty of things they don’t know about them. Do they like cats or dogs? Is there favorite singer Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber? Do they prefer pizza or burgers? Do they play soccer or do gymnastics? Or play the violin or piano? What’s their favorite movie? What apps or games do they like to play? Is their favorite subject Math or Science?

Encourage your child to bring their My Friends and I book to school and have their classmates, teachers, and favorite staff members fill it out and sign it. It's a fantastic way to create lasting memories of their school days and the people who made them special!

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Teacher Appreciation or End-of-year Gift 

Do you want to show your gratitude to your child's teacher? Is your child's teacher retiring, or moving on to a new school or different profession? Or are you searching for an enjoyable end-of-year gift? Have the entire class join in and complete a "My Friends" book to present to their teacher on the last day of school.

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Summer Camp Essential

Are your children getting ready for summer camp? Sneak a "My Friends and I" friendship book in their bag. By passing the book around at camp, they can easily connect with their fellow campers, make new friends, capture memories, and create a special keepsake that reminds them of all the fun they had at camp.

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Travel Companion

The "My Friends and I" book is a cool travel buddy, perfect for recording all the awesome memories and new friends your kids make on vacation, whether it's a camping trip or a fun resort getaway.


Farewell Present for a Friend

Is your child's friend moving? The My Friends and I book makes for a thoughtful farewell gift for a friend who is relocating. Your child, along with other friends, can complete the book and give it as a heartfelt farewell gift to their departing friend, letting them know that they will be greatly missed and assuring them that friendship knows no distance and they will always hold a special place in their hearts.

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Get Well Present

Is your child's friend in the hospital or facing a challenging period? The "My Friends and I" book is a heartwarming way to show a child, who can't be with their loved ones at the moment, that they're surrounded by love and missed by many. Family members and friends fill out the book and surprise their little friend with "a book full of friends" in the hospital to brighten their stay.

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Tool for Children with Special Needs and Exceptionalities to Build Connections

The "My Friends and I" book serves as a valuable tool for supporting children with special needs and exceptionalities in building connections with their peers. Likewise, it enables typically developing children to gain a deeper understanding of their special friends. The responses in the book can serve as meaningful conversation starters, and children can use the book to initiate further discussions, engage in games, or participate in activities that their special friends enjoy.

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Way to Share Love with Deployed Military Kids

Relocating to a foreign country due to a parent's overseas deployment is an extraordinary experience that not many families and children have the opportunity to share. Yet, this adventure can also be daunting and overwhelming for children. It may take some time for them to forge new friendships and establish a sense of belonging in their unfamiliar surroundings. To express the love and care of friends and family back home, consider a heartwarming gesture – the "My Friends and I" book, filled out and signed by loved ones in the United States.

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Welcome Gift for a New Family Member, Foster Kid or Adopted Child

The My Friends and I book, filled out and signed by foster parents, foster siblings, and other foster family members, is a beautiful welcome gift for a foster child, and a great way for the child to learn more about their new family, and vice versa.

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Baby Shower Gift

Invite all the baby shower guests to complete a "My Friends and I" book, and when the baby grows older, use it to introduce the baby to family and friends. Point to the pictures, share information about each friend's interests and activities, and share stories about them.


So, there you have it – 16 fantastic reasons to get your hands on a "My Friends and I" book. It's not just a book; it's a ticket to a world of memories, connections, and fun. Whether it's a birthday, a school event, a trip, or a heartfelt gesture, this book is your trusty sidekick. It's a keepsake, a farewell gift, a buddy in times of need, and a bridge between special friendships. With a "My Friends and I" book in hand, you're all set to explore life's adventures and make memories that last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this fantastic journey!

Grab a copy of the My Friends and I book for the kids in your world, either here on our website or on Amazon.

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